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Looking for something?

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We don’t display roles on this website — why?

Unlike some organisations you may have come across we don’t advertise vague, out-dated contract assignments to grab your attention and then never progress them with you. This practice undervalues your valuable time and makes job searching an underwhelming experience.

The CNI industry offers many confidentiality challenges, so we work within the rules to find the right person for the right role. Occasionally that involves posting contracts on our LinkedIn page, or elsewhere, but the majority of roles we handle cannot be posted on our website or social media, so your time would be better spent registering with us.

Hello, World! We are Huts & Blocks.

Call us old fashioned, but we prefer to contact you individually — human to human. Spamming is so 90’s after all. When you register with Huts & Blocks we consider you for all and any relevant roles, without you having to lift a finger off your trackpad.

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