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Forging new frontiers

Forging new frontiers

Management team

The Huts & Blocks leadership team have significant expertise in cyber and contract recruitment to CEO level.

Our broad experience in CNI, cyber and digital is underpinned by deep experience in contingent staffing.

Ian Patterson

Development Director

Ian Patterson, former consulting practice lead with NCC Group has 20+ years’ senior experience in cyber and digital. He has broad sector experience having worked on projects with Centrica, Rolls Royce, the European Space Agency, the NHS, GE Healthcare, Castrol and BP. Ian is respected internationally for his thought leadership and was a founding member of the CAPSLOCK Cyber Academy.

Simon Cullum

Operations Director

Simon Cullum has 25 + years’ leadership expertise in recruitment and staffing for international critical infrastructure clients in the energy and complex process industries in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. He has held a wide range of executive responsibilities including finance, strategy, client relations, people, risk management and corporate governance.

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