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Cyber — Space

Cyber — Space

We’re securing cyber – space

Much of the Worlds Critical National Infrastructure relies on robust and reliable connectivity. That’s why we’re investing our efforts in cyber tech and talent that will secure communications, networks and software that operates in extreme environments, such as outer space, subsea and subterranean.

Space race renaissance

We’re on a mission to secure space, aligned with the UK’s National Space Strategy published late 2021. The strategy outlines 4 key pillars with the fourth being; “Developing resilient space capabilities and services”. Huts & Blocks are well placed to support the national strategy.

Currently there are more than 300 satellites in geostationary orbit and due to a massive investment in military, public sector and commercial space activities, we are witnessing a revival of the space race and a renaissance in our collective enthusiasm and interest in space experimentation and exploration.

With ever expanding space-technology and software, we believe there is ample room for organisations who are interested in innovating, inventing and investing in “cyber security in space”.

Whilst some see space as future-tech or ‘star gazing’ we understand the need for foundational technology that is laying down the infrastructure to support humanities needs now. Examples include our increasing reliance on GNSS/GPS and outside orbit with the NASA Space Network (SN), Deep Space Network (DSN) and Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN).

Space for everyone

Huts & Blocks are well placed to partner with other leading players who have a vested interest in securing space. If you share our passion for protecting upstream CNI connectivity and communications, please reach out and we’ll be happy to explore how we can collaborate.