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Cyber staff on-demand

Cyber staff on-demand

Contract cyber specialists

Security cleared cyber contractors

Gone are the days where you have to hire a permanent cybersec team or fully out-source to a SOC. Cyber staffing provides much needed flex in the system – and Huts & Blocks provide security cleared, CNI cyber specialists for as long as you need them.

As with all things cyber – it starts and ends with people, despite the field of cyber security being ‘technical’ we understand the highly human nature and unpredictability of cybercrime, cyber-attacks and cyber warfare. Digital disruption is driving change at an ever increasing rate and across an expansive risk profile, with cyber functions juggling the cost and complexity of their commitments.

Short on time?

We get it – you’re brilliant AND busy! Download our PDF proposition on a page to cut to the chase: Cyber Security Contractors UK

Flexibility, without ongoing overheads

We believe that contingent cyber staff are an important part of the solution to these challenges, giving organisations the ability to appoint cyber talent for the time they need them, and cyber talent the ability to obtain and share experience across different platforms, technologies and sectors.

Our contract cyber specialists provide the skills and experience to supplement your in-house cyber talent and flex your operational capabilities for the protection of your assets, people, supply chain and business operations.

We manage the entire cyber-security contracting assignment process, from commencement to demobilisation and close-out:

We source and manage cyber talent for both Prevention and Recovery operations in the following functional areas:

Leadership & Cyber Strategy
Penetration Testing & Intelligence
Security & Risk Management
Detection & Investigation
Technical Security

Source Cyber Security Staff

CNI Cyber Specialists

Disciplines & Functions

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