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Client FAQs

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Is Huts & Blocks a cyber security specialist?

Yes, cyber security is the singular focus of Huts & Blocks and it provides only cyber industry staffing services. Unlike many other staffing companies for whom cyber is only one of many sectors served, our specialisation allows Huts & Blocks to remain focussed on cyber related issues, trends, technologies and markets which ensures an optimal service outcome for our Clients and cyber talent.

Which industries and sectors do you serve?

We provide our services to critical national infrastructure organisations across a range of sectors including: energy, water, food, healthcare, logistics, transport, telecoms, banking & finance, chemicals, defence, maritime and aerospace.

Which cyber security disciplines & functions do you work with?

We recruit and manage cyber talent for both Prevention and Recovery operations in the following areas: Leadership and Cyber Strategy, Security & Risk Management, Regulatory, Penetration Testing & Intelligence, Technical Security and Detection & Investigation. Huts & Blocks does not provide sales engineering, marketing, product management, account management or other supporting roles associated with cyber security.

Where do you operate?

Huts & Blocks operate in the UK. We have plans to expand our geographic service capability to SE Asia, Australasia, and the US and welcome conversations about sourcing talent in these locations.

Do you recruit contract or permanent cyber security staff for your Clients?

Whist we specialise in contract cyber security roles, we can provide cyber talent on a permanent staff basis. Please contact us for further details on these services.

What is the typical process for appointing a cyber security staffing candidate?

Our recruitment process typically comprises the following steps:

Commence – Receive Client Job Brief – Having accurate and complete information about the non-negotiable (n-n) role attributes is essential for ensuring an effective recruitment process and most efficient time-to-hire. The Huts & Blocks Job Brief Form identifies essential n-n role attributes, and we will work with our Clients to complete this as required.

Find – Talent Sourcing – Cyber candidates are sourced using a variety of search techniques from specific talent marketplaces via our recruitment technology stack to build a talent pool matching the Client Job Brief.

Qualify – Selection and Screening – We review cyber candidates from the talent pool, rank their suitability against the role and commence communications to qualify their interest, professional qualification, experience, and assignment availability.

Present & Select – Qualified cyber candidates are provided to the Client for internal review, short-list, interview and offer. Clear, unambiguous three-way communications are vital at this stage to ensure that our candidates are aware of their application status as it moves through this Client selection process.

Onboard – We complete all back-office, financial and legal compliance requirements to ready the candidate for assignment commencement, including relay of Client specific induction protocols.

Manage – We process payroll and ensure tax and other statutory charges are accounted for. We maintain insurances and compliance with data protection and HSE legislation. We maintain regular contact with the cyber assignee over the life of the assignment.

Offboard – We complete all required Client close-out actions to end the assignment and release the cyber assignee to their next role.

Are you members of any professional / cyber security organisations?

Yes. We are members of CSA – The Cyber Security Association UK; APSCo – The Association of Professional Staffing Companies UK; CIISec – The Chartered Institute of Cyber Security.

I’m looking for more than one cyber professional – what are your cyber team options?

Huts & Blocks is very experienced in providing cyber staffing@scale. That is, sourcing and managing technical professionals or teams for assignment to single site or multi-site Clients. Please contact us for further details on these services.

What is your approach to data protection?

Huts & Blocks is committed to ensuring the protection of all personal information that it holds. We recognise our obligations in this regard to meet the requirements of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and European GDPR legislation. We are dedicated to safeguarding all personal information under our control and maintain a system that ¬meets our obligations under these regulations. For further information on this subject please contact us on:

Why are you called Huts & Blocks?

Our company name originates from the type of buildings (huts & blocks) at Bletchley Park, home of the World War II codebreakers. You can visit the Huts & Blocks story page to find out more.

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