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Candidate FAQs

Candidate FAQs

Your questions answered

What roles do you cover?

We specialise on operational cyber roles including:

  • Leadership and Cyber Strategy
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Regulatory
  • Penetration Testing & Intelligence
  • Technical Security
  • Detection & Investigation

We do not focus on supporting roles associated with cyber security such as sales, business development, marketing, product management, or account management.

Do I pay for your services?

No. Our cyber contractors do not pay for the services provided by Huts & Blocks.

Who pays me and how often?

As a Huts & Blocks cyber contractor you will be paid directly by us for the duration of your assigned contract. We pride ourselves on prompt and efficient payments to all of our contractors who are the life blood of our business. We use some of the most advanced payroll processing systems in order to ensure timely and reliable payments for all of our contractors. A typical contracting assignment with Huts & Blocks is no shorter than three months and can last up to a year.

What ID / paperwork do I need to provide?

If you are close to being shortlisted for an interview, we will ask you to provide proof of ID in the form of government identification (a Passport, Drivers Licence or other official state documentation). We will also request official documentation that includes proof of residency/home address. This is a legal requirement and not unique to our Huts & Blocks process. To further advance your application we may also request trading certificates, confirmation of security clearance and, finally, banking information so that we can set you up to receive contracting payments.

Security Clearance

Because we focus mainly on CNI roles, you may be expected to hold certain levels of active security clearance. These might include: DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), Disclosure Scotland or a National Security level of vetting. If you are unable to carry your clearance across from your previous contract or employer, then we would ask that you raise this during your application process.

Can you help me look for permanent work?

Occasionally we support CNI organisations who are looking to place full time employees but this is rare. Sometimes a contract can lead to a permanent position, but we don’t tend to advertise roles as such. If you’re an experienced cyber professional who has only ever worked as an employee, we might be able to convince you of the benefits of cyber security contracting!

I’m conducting training / certification for one of the requirements, can I still apply?

This really depends on how long your training or clearance will take. For example – some higher-level security vetting can take several months, as can some cyber courses. If you are confident that your training or clearance can conclude in advance of the contract start date, then yes – we would suggest that you still apply. If you are waiting on security clearance, official vetting or for a course grade prior to a contract starting with us, this may disrupt your chances and the contract could be assigned to someone who can fulfil the criteria. It is worth remembering that we will ask you to provide evidence of all relevant qualifications or certifications prior to attending interview – which can happen some weeks before the contract start date.

What are the benefits of cyber security staffing contracts over permanent work?

Cyber contracting provides increased flexibility in your work-life balance, along with greater variety in your work, with opportunity to experience different sectors, projects, people, work and technology environments. Contracting rates can also be much higher than permanent positions.

Can you help source roles overseas / outside the UK?

For the moment we are focused on placing cyber specialists in the UK, but have plans to expand overseas (SE Asia, Australasia and the US) and hope to bring news of that at a later date. If you’re a UK based cyber contractor who is only looking for work overseas, we that suggest you register so that we can share relevant roles with you when the time comes.

How can I stay informed about cyber staffing positions?

When you register with Huts & Blocks we will consider you for all and any relevant roles we are working on. Rather than sending you ‘blanket’ emails with a long list of irrelevant roles, we will contact you individually – if we think you might be interested. Much of this will depend on timing, so it is always good for us to understand when you might be looking to change contract. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter where we will post active roles if and when permitted.

I’m looking to get into Cyber – can you help?

In the vast majority of cases, we work with established cyber career professionals who are able to offer their services as a contractor within the CNI field. We do not offer cyber training or tutoring services, but we can recommend if you are looking to begin your cyber career.

Why are you called “Huts & Blocks”?

Glad you asked! Our company name originates from the type of buildings (huts & blocks) at Bletchley Park, home of the World War II codebreakers. You can visit the Huts & Blocks story page to find out more.

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