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Only Cyber Security

Only Cyber Security

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Huts & Blocks work almost exclusively in the Critical National Infrastructure sectors to remedy the national shortage of cyber specialists.

We specialise in providing personnel on a contract basis with the skills and experience to supplement our clients’ cyber capabilities.

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Download our PDF proposition on a page: Cyber Security Contractors UK

We are not part of a large staffing group who list cyber as a bolt-on under IT. We are specialists — not generalists.

We provide much needed flex in the system to correct the various gaps (cyber talent, cyber skills, diversity & equality) that exist in the cyber security market.

See also: our Respect in Security pledge

We believe cyber contractors are an essential part of any organisations risk posture. The cyber skills shortage continues to affect a large number of UK and global organisations in the CNI industry. We’re on a mission to remove outdated stereotypes of ‘cyber jobs for life’ and introduce much needed flex in the system.

Sci-Tech Daresbury

Construction of the particle accelerator at Sci-Tech Daresbury – home to the North West Space Hub and Huts & Blocks HQ.

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