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Cyber Security Staffing Specialists

Cyber Security Staffing Specialists

Flex your Cyber function

Huts & Blocks is a leading supplier of cyber professionals to the Critical National Infrastructure industries. These include Government & defence, chemicals, financial services, communications and energy companies.

We front a workforce of highly skilled cyber contractors who operate across a range of disciplines & functions including; security & risk management, regulatory, pen testing & intelligence, technical security and investigation functions.

We provide our clients with much needed flex in their engagement capacity to supplement permanent staff resources with contract cyber talent. Our services help to mitigate the talent and skills gaps that exists in the UK cyber security market.

Share your cyber role requirements via our online briefing form. We’ve consulted with the cyber industry to ensure every question will sharpen our search focus.

We’re conscripting cyber contractors for the CNI Industry. We want to work with the very best, but first you need to get past Porgy!

At Huts & Blocks we balance the old with the new, by leaning on the lessons of the past to prepare for fast moving technology trends. But why is our brand so retro?